Wood Stove

Wood Stoves

Wood stoves are a flexible and economical option. They should be centrally located in the home where a chimney pipe can be properly routed. Choosing the size of your stove is important – too many BTU’s and your space will be overheated, too small you won’t be warm. Woodstoves can be free standing or installed into an existing fireplace.

Pellet Stove

Pellet Stoves

Precision engineered sustainable energy stoves using wood pellets made from sawdust, timber by-products, and other “waste” material that might otherwise end up in a landfill. The pellets are 100% organic and when burned emit almost no smoke. Pellets do not contribute to the greenhouse effect since they are carbon neutral.

Pellets are clean, easy to store and easy to use. They are sold in 40lb bags, taking up 1/3 space of cord wood. There is no chopping, hauling, dirt, or bugs associated with wood. You can get to 45 to 75 hours of heat per hopper load.

  • Stoves can vent horizontally through a wall like a clothes dryer.
  • Push button heat or thermostat remote controls – no matches(electronic hot-rod ignition)
  • 99% efficiency
  • 95% cleaner than wood stoves
  • Qualifies for federal rebate for efficient renewable resource heating –30% of the cost (up to fifteen hundred dollars) qualifies
Vent Free Gas Stove

Gas Vent-free Stoves

A vent free fireplace or vent free stove requires no venting system, therefore achieving almost 100% efficiency. These fireplaces are the ultimate in installation versatility. They are perfect for homes without access to a flue or chimney and they come with an automatic safety shut-off. We can help you choose the correct size for your home to achieve warmth and ambiance. Please measure your room before coming in to see our live burning displays.

Direct Vent Stove

Direct Vent Gas

A direct vent fireplace or direct vent stove uses outside air to support combustion while recirculating the inside air to warm your home. Venting the fireplace through the outside wall still gives you almost 85% efficiency, great looking flames, and a realistic ember bed.